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It’s not all about sex (but it really is stranger than fiction)

It’s not all about sex (but it really is stranger than fiction) on the blog #ArtKNB #MondayBlogs #Parenting #memoir


#DailyMischief #Memoir #Parenting

I was talking to my oldest son “Joel” the other day about the one thing every single person alive hates to discuss (if it’s at all uncomfortable), yet not one of us escapes:  THE PAST.

KNOW THIS: If you delve into “the past” with your adult kids, you’re headed for trouble.

(you can tweet that…

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Good friends, a grille and #theboss. #recipe for perfection. #thunderroad #springsteen nice work with your tong microphone  @tomschanley!!
Another photo #filter
And another #Friends #truejoy #real #happy
Muchas Gracias to my man @tomschanley for stepping in on short notice for the #fitness #photo shoot today. Good thing you look great and are #amazing! #fitfam #fit #muscle #exercise #workout
Behind the scenes look at the #fitness shoot from yesterday! Thanks @carmelamondello and @travis_McCoy_photography!  Now onto the shoot with my male #model @tomschanley!
Awesome time #directing a #fitness  photo shoot today! Special thanks to @carmelamondello, my very talented #model for the day. I know it was hot but you were #sizzling my dear! Thanks also to @travis_McCoy_photography for a #stellar job! I know the client will be thrilled!
Here is my clean selfie! With your #cleanselfie, you are taking the emphasis OFF makeup, and putting it ON clean water, health, & dignity!  We take clean water for granted as the first step of our beauty regimen.  But with your #cleanselfie, you’re showing that YOU think - if everyone had access to clean water - it would be really beautiful! 

Make sense?  Sound good?  Let’s get #Water2Women!

Give water! Get clean! Give $5 ME after I’ve washed all of the day from my face - just before bed!
Hard at work prepping the bikes for our own #lunchtime #office #drill. #TakeABreak! #exercise #outdoors #findyourbeach

Lunch Time Office Drill: Plank or Push ups

Drop & give me twenty (or five)! Lunch Time Office Drill: Plank or Push ups via @lisajey #ArtKNB

People often tell me they simply don’t have time to get to the gym to exercise. This is something I truly don’t understand. Exercise is the very thing that makes you able to enjoy life, to perform optimally at work, and to fight off illness. How can you not make time? But in the interest of making things work for all people, I thought I’d share some great exercise tips for people who can’t seem…

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